Forts in Maharashtra  v.

Forts in Maharashtra application gives you brief information of the great and magnificent Forts in Maharashtra state of India. The app includes the information about the Forts from the different regions of Maharashtra.


Trimbakeshwar temple is an ancient temple dedicated to lord Shiva in. It is located in Maharashtra,



Prarthana Samaj, or "Prayer Society" in Sanskrit, was a movement for religious and social reform in Maharashtra based on earlier reform movements and traditions of Maharashtra. Prarthana Samaj is founded by Dr.


The Servants of India Society was formed in Pune, Maharashtra, on June 12,

Aarti Sangraha  v.

Ganesh Aarti Sangraha is a collection of many popular aartis of various Gods and Goddesses in India. It starts with Ganesh Aarti and ends with a Ganesh Prathana. All aartis are in Marathi, a local language in Maharashtra, India.

Mumbai Offline Map & Guide  v.

The popular series of iPhone offline maps come to Windows Phone! Mumbai Offline Map & Guide helps you to explore Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by providing you with full-featured maps & travel guide that work offline - without internet connection.

Mumbai  v.

1.Mumbai /m?m?ba?/, previously known as Bombay, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra 2.Mumbai,is the commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is also the world's top 10 centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow

Tata  v.

Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the largest conglomerates in India by market capitalization and revenue.

Korti  v.2 8

Korti is a Google Earth plugin which allows you to see the unique 3D satellite map of Korti within your Google Earth application. Korti provides you a detailed satellite imagery and geographic information about this geographic place.

Webcafe Server  v.2.0.0142

Webcafe is a premier web-based cyber cafe ERP, with an integrated billing engine, membership management system, order management system, and accounting system.

GNInvoicePrinting  v.1 8

Invoice Printing Software is a invoice program for any business. It designs invoices of any formats, saves data and prints invoice on plain or pre-printed stationary. You can design any invoice you want from the famous tax programs.

Excel Convert Files From English To Telugu and Telugu To English Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to convert Excel files from English to Telugu and Telugu to English.

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